The Disruptiva research group is composed of:

Verónica Luyo Torres (Lima, 1978) works as a visual artist in independent or collaborative projects. Graduated from the Arts Faculty of the Catholic University of Peru, and proceeded with her studies in the Artistic Productions and Research MA in the University of Barcelona. She completed the MACBA Independent Studies Programme and following that was also a resident artist in the Centre of Creation and Contemporary Thought of Mataró Can Xalant. Her work has been selected for Idensitat #5, Loop'10 through the Sala d’Art Jove de Barcelona, Biennial of Valls - 2009 Guasch Coranty Prize and the 9th Mostra d'Art Jove de Mataró, among others. She also received a scholarship to develop a residence and workshop in Youkobo Art Space (Tokio). Recently she has collaborated with the UAB Research Group Body and Textuality in the book "Off the record, Representacions frontereres de la memoria històrica de les dones".
Sara Caeiro Rato (Lisbon 1984) graduated in Management (specialising in Social Sciences, Politics, Communication), studying both in Lisbon and Bologna. In Barcelona she received her Cultural Management MA and later completed the MACBA Independent Studies Programme. She has training in classic and contemporary dance, having participated in several courses, presentations and research sessions. She currently works in Barcelona with cultural associations in the promotion and production of artistic and cultural activities of small and medium format. She has participated in several workshops and seminars related with visual culture. Since 2008 she has collaborated with Trànsit Projectes in revitalizing cultural facilities. In 2012 she received a One World Media scholarship to produce the documentary "The Ant and the Marquis", in collaboration with director Miguel Rato, on Tchiloli performance in São Tomé and Príncipe.
Mariana Camacho Funchal, 1985) works as a researcher and cultural manager. Having graduated in Cultural Management by the Caldas da Rainha School of Arts and Design, she then proceeded to coordinate the Education Service of ExperimentaDesign Lisbon Biennale between 2008 and 2009. She completed the MACBA Independent Studies Programme in Barcelona, and initiated her work as a researcher in that museum under the coordination of the curator Teresa Grandas, with the support of the Inov-Art scholarship, granted by the Ministry of Culture, Portugal. She is presently initiating her studies in Communication Design.


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