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Funcionamiento :: Disruptiva


Disruptiva has two viewing modes:

- In AGENTS you can access the archive directly.
- In DIAGRAM you may view the agents’ network of influence. Access to the archive is represented by the icon


You can visualize the agents by alphabetic order and by category.

There is a search engine in the top right corner.

In order to visualize the agents by category, click on the category on the menu on the left.

By clicking on an agent, you open its archive file, which is composed of images, videos, texts, bibliography and related links of interest. Not all agents have a complete file – this depends on the amount of material found and the importance of each agent’s role in the analyzed context.


The Diagram has two versions, HTML5 and Java.

It is only available in Portuguese. Please find the translation of the categories and confluence areas in the image below and in the About section.

It is divided into two areas: Graphic and Side Menu.


Disruptiva's research focus are the agents in the centre of the diagram. The areas named Contexto (Context) and Contexto e Antecedentes (Context and Background) group the agents who were very influent and are therefore indispensable to a panoramic view.

Each category has been assigned a color.

The areas of confluence are represented by the color resulting from overlapping their original categories. Each area of confluence also has an assigned name (top left corner of its area).

By clicking on the name of an area of confluence, you open the ensemble of agents that compose it. A second click closes the ensemble.

By clicking on an agent, you open its network of influence, i.e. all its connections with other agents. A second click closes that network.

The reader can initiate a drift throughout the network of influence.

The connections are in grey, except for the connection with the last agent viewed, which is in black.

Side Menu

Viewing options

You may view up to 3 agents and their network of influences simultaneously.
You can also view or suppress descriptions of the connections.


List of last 10 agents and/or areas of confluence opened by the reader.

By clicking on the name of an agent or area of confluence in the list you open its network of influence.
You can access the file on each agent, area of confluence or category by selecting the icon beside each name.


Ensembles of agents that have been connected, not from a historical perspective, but with the intention of producing critical insights towards the archive while elaborating a subjective narrative as a reading guide, thus adding drifts to so-called "key facts of history". The intention is to produce new fictions, allowing for a reflection on spaces, frontiers, times and events.


Since this research project is a work in progress, new material will keep being added and updated to the webpage.
In order to receive updates about new material please subscribe the RSS feed.

Disruptiva is meant to be a disruption of an order and a rupture of layers, appropriations and movements, intended to generate a tension among the agents. In the search for areas of confluence, the project tries to highlight the influx networks of the agents composing them.
Disruptiva’s diagram, as well as the selected materials contained in its archive, is published under the following Creative Commons licence: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported. The materials contained in the archive consist of excerpts and quotations that remain the copyright of their respective authors.